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We now offer our clients DISC assessment as part of many of our existing training programs. DISC is a behavioral model that examines people’s behavior in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC classifies four aspects of behavior– Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness—four keys to successful working relationships.  The assessment is easy and fast to administer and results in a customized “personality profile” report for each person that: 

- Rates the individual on 12 leadership skills/competencies

- Provides a checklist, do’s and don’ts, and tips on communicating

- Explains the individual’s ideal work environment, natural work styles, and areas of improvement

- Tells the manager how best to motivate and manage the person


We don’t do canned…

At ICTS, there are no, “canned” courses, so you won’t find detailed course descriptions on our website. All ICTS programs are customized to the needs, goals and objectives of your organization. Therefore, the information presented, role plays, case studies and experiential learning exercises directly reflect the situations and challenges your people face daily.

The following are some of training, consulting and coaching topics we have provided for our clients. For a sample course description, or to ask about consulting or coaching on any of these subjects, contact us.


Assertivness for Women

Behavioral Interviewing

Business Impression

Business Writing

Change Management

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching in a Team Environment

Communicating With Others (Interpersonal Communication)

Communication Skills for Managers

Conflict Management

Controlling Anger

Coping with the Holidaze

Creative Team Problem Solving

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service

Dealing with Difficult People

Doing More with Less

Effective Complaints Handling

Employee Absenteeism

Employee Appraisal Interviewing

Employee Retention

Facilitation Skills

Four Generations, One Workplace: Bridging the Gap

Front Office Survival Skills

Getting Kids to Talk to You

Group Dynamics

Holiday Stress Management (Coping with the Holidaze)

Interpersonal Communication

Interviewing Skills

Keeping Your Cool in Difficult Situations


Leadership (Values-Based Leadership)…New!

Leadership and Delegation

Leadership and Influence


Media Interviewing & Crisis Communication

Meeting Management (Effective Meetings)

Motivating Your Employees

Negotiation Skills

Nonverbal Communication

Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow: Transitioning

Personal Productivity

Positive Persuasion

Presentation Skills (Public Speaking)

Selection Interviewing (Effective Employment Interviews)

Shyness: Overcoming Shyness for Adults

Stress Management

Supporting Others

Teamwork for the 21st Century

Telephone Skills for Business Professionals

The Customer-Driven Organization

The New Change Leader

The New Manager

Time Management

Values-Based Leadership

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