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Although training workshops are effective in many instances, there are times when a particular employee or supervisor needs something more:
– Intensive
– Targeted
– Timely
– Customized to the individual

One-on-one coaching allows an ICTS coach to work with individual employees targeting their identified needs and goals, rather than the goals of an overall group- as is the case with training workshops. Coaching sessions are usually 1-3 hours and are scheduled based on the goals and time constraints of the client. Coaching can be several times a week, once per week, or every other week.

If you or someone in your organization would benefit from one-on-one training or coaching, we can help.

We’re currently working one-on-one with employees at client companies to provide:

– One-on-one training in presentation skills, including rewriting presentations, PowerPoint slide development, and videotaping with feedback

– Coaching and training for supervisory and communication skills to improve communication with employees and customers

– Assertiveness training in dealing with difficult and demanding customers

ICTS can offer one-on-one coaching in any of the goal areas listed on our “Course List” page.


NEW!!- As of June 2011, we’re also able to offer our clients DISC assessment as part of many of our existing training programs. DISC is a behavioral model that examines people’s behavior in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC classifies four aspects of behavior– Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness—four keys to successful working relationships. The assessment is easy and fast to administer and results in a customized “personality profile” report for each person that:

– Rates the individual on 12 leadership skills/competencies

– Provides a checklist, do’s and don’t, and tips on communicating

– Explains the individual’s ideal work environment, natural work styles, and areas of improvement

– Tells the manager how best to motivate and manage the person

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